Pidätyksiä tappeluista ja näpistyksistä vain 13-vuotiaana, Hollywoodin suosituin miesnäyttelijä kertaa vaikeita nuoruusvuosiaan


Dwayne ”Rock” Johnson on lisännyt Instagramiin videopätkän, jossa mies palaa juurilleen. Muistelee nuoruuden kuohuntavuosiaan. Vanhan koulunsa pihalla mies kertaa 13-vuotiaan Dwaynen kujanjuoksua – ensimmäiset pidätykset näpistyksistä, tappeluista ja myöhemmin Dwaynesta tuli koulun futissankari.

Had to go back to my roots, walk around, soak it in and take a moment to be grateful. I was 13 when I went to Washington Middle School here in Hawaii. Your boy was strugglin' to stay on the right path. I was a mix of a kid who embraced hard work (held my first job down at 13 as a dishwasher at a pizza joint from 4pm-1130pm) and a kid who kept screwing up as well (busted for theft, fighting and check fraud at 13). I mean what dad wouldn't want his teenage daughter bringing me home – all 13yrs old, 6'2, 185lbs of trouble and walking acne. I was a real catch back then people??. Lots of young boys and girls out there who are "teetering" as I was. Life could go either for them. Coming back to my roots here cemented the fact that kids always need strong positive influences in their life. We gotta believe in their potential 'cause they're at a crucial age where they have no idea what their potential even is. If we lead by example and discipline them early enough, young kids who are struggling can still grow into tremendous leaders. And become foosball champions at the Boys Club. #GratefulDay #Roots #PowerOfLeadership #AndWashingDishesAt13 #AndAcneBreakouts

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