Metallica suree somessa Hal Willnerin kuolemaa – tuottaja oli mukana työstämässä Metallican ristiriitaisen vastaanoton saanutta levyprojektia


Metallica suree somessa tuottaja-säveltäjä Hal Willnerin kuolemaa.

Willner kuoli todennäköisesti koronaviruksen aiheuttaman sairauden murtamana, mies oli 64-vuotias.

Willner oli työstämässä Metallican ja Lou Reedin ristiriitaisen vastaanoton saanutta Lulu-projektia vuonna 2011.

Willnerin kehutaan olleen inspiroiva yhteistyökumppani, joka elävöitti osaamisellaan ja henkilökohtaisillla ominaisuuksillaan mm. kyseistä Metallican Lulu-projektia.

Willner työskenteli pitkään Saturday Nigh Live -ohjelman kulisseissa. Willner teki yhteistyötä myös mm. Marianne Faithfullin ja  Laurie Andersonin kanssa.

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The entire Metallica family was shocked and saddened to hear of producer, writer, and composer Hal Willner’s passing earlier today. He was a truly inspirational collaborator, someone who through his unique combination of musical knowledge and warm personality, invigorated every project he touched, including co-producing our very own collaboration with Lou Reed, 2011’s “Lulu;” Hal expertly helped to guide us all to a project we loved, and remain fiercely proud of, to this day. His breadth and scope within the world of music was incredible. From being the sketch music producer of Saturday Night Live since 1981 to producing albums for Lou, Marianne Faithfull, William S. Burroughs and Laurie Anderson, Hal’s love and appreciation of all styles of cutting-edge music and art made him a man in high demand. “I will always treasure the time I spent with Hal in those most inspiring and collaborative environments. He was such a warm, open, and communicative person, and as Lou’s right-hand man, he was absolutely essential in pushing “Lulu” forward. I’ll never forget him, and I know I speak for the entire Metallica family when I say he will be greatly missed.” — Lars Rest in Peace, Hal.

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