Metallican Lars Ulrich muistelee 30 vuoden takaista kiertuetta – 50 osavaltiota samalla kiertueella vaati kekseliäisyyttä ja hikisen ratkaisun

Metallican Lars Ulrich muistelee somessa 30 vuoden takaista USA:n kiertuetta – vuosi oli 1989.

Damaged Justice -kesäkiertue, keikkapaikkoina suuria areenoita ja ulkoilmapaikkoja. Keikkojen ja kaupunkien jäädessä taakse, bändi huomasi olevansa vain kahden osavaltion päässä kaikkien 50 osavaltion läpikäynnistä.

Delaware ja  Vermont olivat ongelmia, sillä suurta areenaa ei ollut tarjolla. Bändi päätti esiintyä Vermontissa koulun jumppasalissa ja Delawaressa Stone Balloon -nimisellä hikisellä klubilla.

Stone Balloonissa Metallica veti hyvinkin erilaisen setin kuin areenoilla. Mukana oli useita Kill ‘em All -levyn biisejä. Hikinen klubi ja valtava energia on jäänyt Larsin mieleen.

Am I evil? -viisun aikana bändin tyypit vaihtoivat instrumentteja ja Lars päätyi lauluhommiin.

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30 years ago today on August 7th 1989, we played the Stone Balloon in Newark, Delaware. It was in the middle of the Damaged Justice summer US tour and we were playing mostly amphitheaters and arenas, but as we got deeper into the run, we realized that we were only two gigs/cities/states away from playing all 50 states in the union on the same tour. But since there was no arena or amphitheater in Delaware and Vermont we had to look elsewhere …so in Vermont we decided to play a high school gymnasium and in Delaware we found the infamous super cool club, the Stone Balloon. Playing a pretty radical set which was way different than the arena set we were hitting every night and featuring more songs from Kill ‘em All than any other album, we had a way fun night being back in a small super sweaty club, walls dripping with condensation and energy next level insane and crazy, as band and fans became one… And as happened occasionally at that time when the setting was unique and the vibe right, we all switched up instruments at the ass-end of the set for Am I Evil?…. and I ended up on lead vocals bouncing around like an out of control Energizer Bunny. Fuck yeah..crazy fun days. Bring that shit back!! And so we wound up playing all 50 states on the same tour!!! #wanna #waybackwednesday

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