Ex-kehonrakentaja osoittaa, kuinka paljon somen ihannepostaukset valehtelevat – katso paljastavat kuvat


Entinen kehonrakentaja Victoria D’Ariano (25) on julkistanut kuvia, jotka osoittavat kouriintuntuvasti vanhan totuuden – kuva valehtelee enemmän kuin tuhat sanaa.

D’Arianon on tarkoitus tuoda esille yksinkertainen mutta tärkeä seikka – älkää verratko itseanne tai vartaloanne somen ihannekuviin. Ne eivät läheskään aina ole todenperäisiä.

D’Arianon kuvat ennen kuukautisia ja kuukautisten aikana osoittavat selvän muutoksen – ”sixpack” häviää helposti.

Let's talk about periods, sorry guys if that's TMI. – DISCLAIMER: this post isn't about how I look, but instead how I feel. I am not making a sad face due to the appearance of this but INSTEAD the pain, discomfort and exhaustion I was feeling. – Yesterday I woke up and my stomach was like the left (WITH flexing) and not upset. Over the course of 4-5 hours I started getting really bad cramps and bloating which led to this photo on the right. I wish I could say I was sticking out my tummy, but no. It's extremely bloated and feels as hard as rock. – I struggle a lot with PMS and symptoms during my period: 1. I have zero to no energy 2. Feeling depressed – I start feeling down and numb and not like myself 3. Cramps, these SUCK 4. Extreme bloating, discomfort and water retention 5. Upset stomach and gas 6. Moody and emotional – Sometimes when you have symptoms like this you have to listen to your body. I wanted to train, but I was uncomfortable and exhausted. I decided to rest, and do what was best at the time. Go a little easier on yourself when it's the time of the month and you are stressed out. Get extra rest, don't stress about workouts and eat some treats if you feel like it ❤️ – Also follow @carolinetusiuk to learn how to regulate your hormones and manage your PMS symptoms.

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If I had told myself a year ago that in one year I'd be where I am today, I wouldn't have believed it. – I wouldn't have believed that I could eat different foods without having extreme anxiety followed by consuming guilt. – I wouldn't have believed that I would be able to not follow a set meal, no longer beat myself up if I didn't follow it 100 percent and instead just eat. – I wouldn't have believed I would be this happy with my body even though I am 20lbs heavier then last year. – I wouldn't have believed that I could wear bikinis on the beach and not let my insecurities or the judgment of others consume me. – I wouldn't have believed that I could miss workouts, barely workout and still be happy. – I wouldn't have believed I could put my mental health first instead of ignoring it to improve the physical. – I wouldn't have believed I could love how I look regardless if I am flexed or relaxed. – I wouldn't have believed I could ever feel free. – You might not think it's possible to overcome these things, but it is. It takes work, and consistency like anything in life, but THERE IS FREEDOM, trust me. You will have days where you have those thoughts, they may slip back into your mind but know that you've overcame them before and you can do so now. Never forget about the progress you've made, however "small" it may be you, you are moving forward. This is something to be proud of. – Sports bra: @doyoueven 👉🏻 GRIMES10

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Oheisella peppukuvalla D’Ariano osoittaa, että oikealla kuvakulmalla on mahdollista peitellä selluliittia;

Another bum picture, I know, I know. This one however shares an important message. If you are going to make comments on how I am a whore or just another excuse to show my ass, just bye. – Recently I've posted a few booty pictures from the beach. I've had comments and DM's regarding how "I don't have any cellulite" and it often precedes with "how can I get rid of mine?" – Yes in certain lighting, certain poses and angles it appears I have none, however that is a lie. I think most women can say they have cellulite of some sort or another. However despite the majority of us having it, we've some how come to this belief that "no one" we follow or look up to have it and thus because they "don't" having it is "bad." – I also can acknowledge that I am partially to blame for this misconception as I too pose and use "flattering" lighting. However I also think there is nothing wrong with wanting to show what you want. – I think about how most of us women think. How we quickly look at something and automatically think "good" or "bad." How we so quickly beat ourselves up if we have this "bad" thing. – Why do we do this? Well think about it. You've been programmed to do so. We grow up in a society that shows us what is "beautiful" and "normal" and leaves us feeling unworthy if we don't have those things. The sad part is that majority of the time we don't even realize it. – I also know that you can change this wiring, change these thoughts even if it means rebelling against a society built on "perfection." It's about believing you are enough and you are beautiful just the way you are. It's about fighting against all the things that tell you otherwise and remembering those thoughts. – Keep telling yourself, over and over again these positive thoughts. Flood your mind with them. And I never ever, EVER want you to think any less of yourself because you have cellulite. – You are beautiful just the way you are. – TAG someone who needs to hear this ❤️

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Silloin – nyt;

I think it's important to remember that everything you do in life shapes you into where you are right now. I find I've had regret lately, regret about competing. I question myself to why I ever wanted to do it. I regret putting my body through that both physically and mentally. – I'm acknowledging this regret and resentment but I am also acknowledging that without that period in my life I wouldn't be where I am today. It's my story and I can't regret the very thing that has brought me to where I am today. – It's important for me to remember that at one point in my life it was the very thing I wanted and enjoyed. I have no desire to do it now and that's okay. Humans change, we evolve; it's all part of growth. – You wouldn't have ever made it to chapter six if you didn't go through chapters one through five.

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