Näyttelijä Sammy Shore on kuollut

Yhdysvaltalainen näyttelijä ja stand up- koomikko Sammy Shore on kuollut 92-vuotiaana, Daily Mail kertoo.

Konkaritähden näyttelijäpoika Pauly Shore kertoo Instagramissa, että hänen isänsä menehtyi luonnollisiin syihin kotonaan Las Vegasissa.

Sammy Shore näytteli muun muassa elokuvissa Mel Brooksin mieletön maailmanhistoria (1981), Tappava petos (1982) ja Kuolema ohjauspyörässä (1967)

Hänet tunnetaan myös legendaarisen The Comedy Store -klubin perustajana. Hän perusti klubin käsikirjoittajaystävänsä Rudy Delucan kanssa Hollywoodiin vuonna 1972. Klubi toimi ponnahduslautana myös lukuisille tuleville legendoille. Siellä ovat esiintyneet vuosien saatossa muun muassa Eddie Murphy, Jerry Seinfeld ja Whoopi Goldberg.

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I'm saddened to let everyone know my father Sammy Shore recently passed at the age of 92 from natural causes. My parents divorced when I was three years old and even though my mom was the one that raised me, my dad still provided for me the best he could. He came to little league games, holidays, and birthdays. My dad sacrificed a lot of his career for his family even though all he wanted to do was be on the road and tell jokes and be free. When I first decided to do stand up comedy it was my dad that took me to my first gig. It was at a restaurant called The Alley Cat Bistro in Marina Del Rey on Sept 25, 1985. Once I hit it big in the 1990s I took my dad on tour with me all over America doing shows. We toured together for more than 20 years. It was labeled "A Family Affair Tour." Most of the audience would be like, "Pauly Shore's dad's opening for him?" They thought it was some sort of a joke, when they soon realized the joke was on them. My dad killed the crowds night after night. He didn't just set up the show by doing an amazing job on stage. He also simultaneously let the audience really know who I was, where I came from, and how I wound up the way that I did. Like father like son. Acorn did NOT fall far from the tree. (1 of 2) #thecomedystore

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