Maineikkaan heavy rock -veteraanin surullinen somepostaus – syöpä on palannut ja lähettänyt etäpesäkkeitä

Maineikkaan heavy rock -veteraanin Pretty Maidsin laulajan Ronnie Atkinsin syöpä on jälleen aktivoitunut.

Atkins julkaisi viime lokakuussa tiedon keuhkosyövästään.

Alkuvuodesta syöpä näytti jo hellittäneen mutta 55-vuotias rokkari päivittää somessa kipujen paljastaneen jotain olevan vialla. Tutkimuksissa todettiin syövän levinneen. Nyt Atkinsin syöpä on luokiteltu parantumattomaksi.

Atkins ei jää voivottelemaan tilannettaan, vaan jatkaa täysillä eteenpäin. Uutta musiikia on tulossa.

Rokkari kertoo velloneensa henkisesti syvissä vesissä parin kuukauden ajan mutta nyt katse on eteenpäin – syövästä huolimatta. Mies käy edelleen syöpähoidoissa ja kipujakin pitää hoitaa.

Tilanne on tämä enkä pysty sitä mitenkään muuttamaan. Yritän nauttia elämästäni parhaalla mahdollisella tavalla”.

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As promised a week ago here’s a little update on my current health situation. I’m not gonna go into details, but just state that unfortunately I’m still battling cancer! After some pain issues and following a scan just before Easter this year I was told that the cancer had spread and I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, which in principle means incurable! Now there were two paths I could go by! I could sit down in a corner and feel pity for myself (which I guess I did for a while) or I could try to carry on living and do what I do best and I chose the latter. So with great back up from my family and true friends I decided to keep on writing music and lyrics plus the fact that I had a lot of ideas/songs that I wanted to get out of my system. So that’s what I’ve been doing on/off for the last couple of months. That eventually means that some new music is coming from me in the immediate future, but more details on that later. All that said, I must state that I feel good these days and have done for a while. I still get treatments, mainly immune therapy. I have some permanent pain issues and other sequelaes that I have to deal with! And mentally, I have my good days and my bad days, so be it ! But I feel that I’m in good hands with the doctors and staff who’s treating me, so everything considered I’m in good spirits! It is what it is and I can’t change that whatsoever, so I simply aim to get the best out of life. 😊 Finally another huuuuge thank to all of you out there who’s been rooting for me and cheering me up through this process ! Means a lot to me 🙏 Love ❤️ Ronnie Photo: Tallee Savage #singersongwriter #prettymaids #nordicunion #avantasia #hardrock #heavymetal #melodicrock #newmusiccoming #sunday #weekend #savagebeautyphotography #fuckcancer

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