Bachelorette-tähti kertoo somepostauksessa ihosyöpälöydöksestä – katso hämmentävät somekuvat

USA:n The Bachelorette-ohjelmasta tuttu Ali Fedotowsky, 35, on kertonut somessa ihosyöpälöydöksestään.

Täysin vaarattoman näköinen luomi osoittautui syöväksi (klikkaa kuvan oikealla puolella olevasta nuolesta esille lisää kuvia. Kolmannessa otoksessa kuva luomesta, joka osoittautui tutkimuksissa syöväksi)

Kaunotar kertoo pyörtymisen olleen lähellä kuullessaan lääkärin sanovan syöpä-sanan.

Löydös on tyvisolusyöpää. Onneksi löydös tehtiin ajoissa, joten kyseessä ei ole kohtalokas vaiva.

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GET YOUR SKIN CHECKED. A couple weeks ago I found out I have skin cancer. When my dermatologist used the c-word, I just about fainted in his office. Thankfully, the type of skin cancer I have is rarely fatal and really never fatal when you catch it early. It’s called Basal cell carcinoma. Swipe to the third pic to see what my mole looked like before I got the biopsy done (so you know what to look for). It’s on the left side of my body. The scar right above my belly button is from when I had cells/skin that may be cancerous removed six months ago. Needless to say, i’m never exposing my stomach to sun without sunscreen again! . . Basal cell carcinoma is super common. The most common skin cancer. You probably know someone who has it. So it’s no big deal. But what IS a big deal is not treating it and treating it early. That is why going to a dermatologist and getting your skin checked every year is SO important (I now go every 3/6 months). The VERY first thing I did when I got diagnosed was text my family on a group text urging them all to get their skin checked. So I’m doing the same for all of you, my extended family, right here and right now. I’m lucky it wasn’t melanoma. And I’m lucky that I caught it early. Moving forward I plan on making it a priority of mine to use the best natural products on my skin and be rigorous about applying sunscreen and reminding all of you to do the same! I love you guys! Take care of yourselves! #skincancer #skincancerawareness #skincancerprevention #basalcellcarcinoma #basalcell #skincheck

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